Eliminated in the QALYs

How does the cost of Covid to NSW compare with traditional health spending by the State? No publicly-funded health system can afford to run without constraints on the price of therapies. Inevitably, some therapies, whether drugs or surgical procedures, are deemed too expensive to be worthy of funding by the taxpayer, and people’s lives are […]

Models are not data – 2

“Why should I make the data available to you when all you want to do is find something wrong with it?” These words were written by Professor Phil Jones, a climate scientist at the centre of the 2009 “Climategate” scandal, in an email to a scientist who was sceptical of his reconstruction of past climate, […]

Models are not data!

Catastrophically erroneous epidemiological modelling by Imperial College, London was responsible, early in 2020, for creating much of the panic that has since characterised Covid policy, here as well as in the UK. Furthermore, IC’s Prof Ferguson had a woeful record of similarly unsuccessful ‘arithromancy’ (BSE, SARS, FMD), none of which appears to have diminished the […]

Prof Jay Bhattacharya interviewed

Prof Jay Bhattacharya, one of the most prominent signatories to the Great Barrington Declaration has been interviewed by Unherd. The professor continues to stand by the GBD, and believes that lockdown policies have been responsible for more deaths than they can reasonably be credited with saving. A couple of stand-out quotes: “It is a biological […]

Belling the Catastrophe

A group of clinicians in Britain has delivered an open letter to the UK government, criticising it in great detail for its Covid policy. Highlights include: “…the use of face coverings is highly symbolic and thus counterproductive in making people feel safe. Prolonged wearing risks becoming an ingrained safety behaviour, actually preventing people from getting […]

Masked Balls

Harrumpf reader Christine Battle writes from the UK: “Today’s Daily Sceptic brings another take-down of the mask-wearing cult. Robert Dingwall, Professor of Sociology at Nottingham Trent University and a specialist in medical sociology writes on the futility of masks as a defence against Covid. It’s generally accepted that a Covid virus cell is about 100 […]

Reality Check #2

Harrumpf takes another look at Australia’s Covid numbers. As NSW and, for that matter, much of Australia continues, and indeed intensifies its lockdown, we are daily regaled with news of ‘record’ numbers of new cases. Indeed, to the extent that the case numbers in NSW are amenable to statistical analysis, they do show an exponential […]

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

Three quarters of a century of good times have fatally weakened our society. In a fine attempt in the London Daily Telegraph to fathom the idiocy of the Biden administration’s mishandling of its Afghanistan withdrawal, Calvin Robinson quotes an excellent epigram by former US Marine G Michael Hopf; “Hard times create strong men, strong men […]

Methinks the Police Minister Doth Protest too Much

Last month’s anti-lockdown protest should have set Sydney’s tumbrils rolling – did it? “What we saw today was 3,500 very selfish boofheads — people that thought the law didn’t apply to them.” So spluttered the NSW Police Minister David Elliott, of the crowd who took to the streets of Sydney’s CBD to protest against lockdown […]