WHO’s kidding you now?

I’m on a Keto diet. She Who Must be Obeyed has decreed that my girth has grown excessive, and I’ve been on this protein- and fat-rich regime, denied carbs, for several weeks now. Given that I have perhaps not been the most compliant subject, still consuming a beer a day and occasionally breaking the rulers […]

Closing the Stable Door – Ivermectin rehabilitated

As the confected Covid scare recedes into the rear-view mirror, the cleaning up operation moves into high gear, as the guilty men (and women) seek to remove from the record all trace of their hysterical folly. We’ve had the quiet rescinding of the approval of the Astra-Zeneca ‘vaccine’. That took place some months ago. Did […]

Don’t Let’s be Beastly to the Russians – 2

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Harrumpf post lamented the indiscriminate demonisation of all things Russian. My argument was that it was unfair to the large number of Russians who loathe what Putin has done to their country, and that, being unfair, it was likely to be counterproductive, so far as any hope […]

Let the Science Begin

It has recently become fashionable for climate contrarians – or realists, as I prefer to be known, to abandon any attempt to dispute the underlying science of AGW, and instead point out to climate zealots the absurdities of their prescriptions for ‘mitigation’, or the futility of ‘decarbonising’ already low-emitting societies while China – whatever soothing […]

Bonfire of the Covid Vanities

One by one, they fall. The verities of Covid, pronounced so intolerantly by the bien pensants in the early months of 2020, are dropping like nine-pins. We sceptics noted that response to Covid infection was highly idiosyncratic, meaning that significant, but unknown numbers of asymptomatic infections had occurred and were occurring, leaving no reliable denominator […]

Whom do the Sussexes think they are kidding?

And what happens when the magic wears off? The title of this post is not meant to be rhetorical. Look, I haven’t actually watched any of the pabulum produced by the Sussexes under their Netflix deal. There are people who are paid to do that, and who therefore cannot complain about the nausea they experience […]

Laptop Dancing

When Russia invaded Ukraine early this year, I fully expected Joe Biden, the man who, by his abandonment of Afghanistan, executed the most shameful scuttle in American history, to emulate the response of his predecessor Barak Obama, to Russia’s 2014 capture of Crimea – plenty of orotundly-phrased rhetoric, perhaps a bit of limp-wristed, largely cosmetic […]