War Notes 3

Don’t let’s be beastly to the Russians. As the demonisation of all things Russian becomes an obligatory shibboleth among the bien pensants of the West, it’s perhaps worth Harrumpf casting upon it the jaundiced eye it retains for such feel-good fashions. When war broke out in 1939, the contents of London’s National Gallery were evacuated […]

Vlad’s Army

And why we should shut up about its war crimes. I’ve been reluctant to write a great deal about the war, partly because I’m about as expert in warfare as I am in playing the zither. And partly because so much else is being competently written, and I don’t want to waste my, and your […]

War notes 2

Wir Schaffen das nicht The war in Ukraine is debunking a lot of the West’s most cherished nonsense. Net Zero is fading like Alice’s Cheshire cat, leaving just a smug, bien pensant smirk behind it. In time, one hopes, the demonisation of coal and oil that begat it will follow it into oblivion, as people […]

War Notes

It’s been over a month since the last post. My main excuse is that I had Covid, which was unpleasant, but far from the worst I’ve experienced, and on the whole not really worth the couple of trillion that’s been spent on it, let alone the misery occasioned by the lockdowns employed in fighting it. […]

Fearing default, Russia issues new currency

Shock move sees Rouble recalled. Faced with the prospect of defaulting on its US-denominated loans, and rebuffed when it suggested making its payments in a Rouble fast becoming worthless, Russia has issued a new currency – the Rubble. Announcing the issue of the Rubble, a spokesman for the Central Bank of Russia commented, ‘Let’s face […]

In Praise of Dangerous Leaders

“The one man that terrifies me more than Vladimir Putin right now is Joe Biden”, I said, confident that my dinner companions would rise to the bait. Just to make sure, I added, ‘this would never have happened if Trump was in the White House’. Cue polite, bourgeois outrage – ‘I think Biden’s response has […]

Ivermectin vs Remdesivir

We have been denied an effective Covid treatment through sheer bigotry. From its outset, one of the key attributes of the Covid virus has been that not only is it highly virulent, but there is no effective antiviral treatment for those that catch it, and the only protection available is to be had from weakly-effective […]

Has Putin finally lit the bonfire of the West’s vanities?

Will the invasion do the job Covid failed to do? For two years, now, Harrumpf has devoted itself almost exclusively to condemning, and poking fun at, the absurd, but catastrophically costly response to the moderately nasty Covid virus, a contagion which, even in its earliest and most virulent form posed a lethal threat only to […]

Lucky, plucky little Denmark

After a fortnight of freedom, how’s it going in the Land of the newly Free? As a half-Dane, the news that Denmark was planning, from the beginning of this month, to scrap all its ‘NPIs’ (Non-Pharmaceutic Interventions – do keep up!) and to declare Covid 19 to be no longer a ‘socially critical disease’ was […]