Models are not data #3

On Tuesday, 24 August last, I emailed the Doherty Institute to ask if they had performed any earlier work which would justify the confidence reposed by our government in their Covid modelling. You can see the ensuing exchange here. As I wrote then, their initial response was not encouraging, and I resolved not to hold […]

The Sunk Cost Fallacy and the Silly Billy Effect

A fascinating visit today to the audiologist. Agreeably, she turned out to be a clinician utterly bemused, like me, by the fantastically disproportionate response to Covid. While she was setting up the kit to peer into my lugholes, we had a fine time comparing our favourite Covid absurdities, whether the outdoor wearing of masks, the […]

Your ABC tries its hand at comedy

The suffocating wokeism that now afflicts our national broadcaster has ensured that its conscious efforts to make us laugh are an anaemic embarrassment. Lucky, then, that it can still succeed in making richly comedic content without trying – or even realising that it’s doing so. Tonight Four Corners ran an expose of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. […]

Eric Clapton speaks

My tastes in music are more Beethoven than Roll Over, Beethoven, but I believe that at the very pinnacle of any genre there is usually fine musicianship to be found, and for my money Eric Clapton is a good exemplar of this principle. So my interest was piqued when my Youtube feed turned up a […]

Italy pleads for mercy

I see that Italy is asking the EU to grant its supercar manufacturers, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati an exception to its proposal to require all cars sold after 2035 to produce ‘zero emissions’. All part of the EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ emissions reduction wheeze, apparently. This demonstrates breath-taking naivete on the part of the Italian […]

What’s your poison?

I’ve been watching Dr John Campbell’s videos on Ivermectin and HCQ trials. The Ivermectin study is a meta-analysis, while the HCQ trial is a Belgian study covering a large number of patients drawn from a large number of hospitals. Both studies come to conclusions broadly favourable to these drugs in connection with Covid treatment, vindicating […]

Dictator for a Day

Introducing the Harrumpf Government’s ‘Covid-19 – Emergency Powers Act’ Oh, come on, we’ve all played it, haven’t we? The ‘if I were dictator for a day’ game, where you get to impose your will on your fellow citizens, send the feckless to the dungeons, and generally set your world to rights, unhindered by the tiresome […]