Plus ca Change,

How a few physics lessons, over 50 years ago, made a lifelong climate sceptic of me. I left school in 1969, and in the two weeks between the end of our final exams and the end of term, my physics master took the opportunity to introduce us to two subjects he thought would be significant […]

The Covid Pharisee – big heart, little brain

In my last post, I attempted, once again, to fathom the extraordinary irrationality of so many people’s response to Covid. I drew attention to the wide and exciting range of natural, and globally-significant hazards whose effects rivalled, in probability and severity, that of a Covid-like viral epidemic, and which therefore, if the precautionary logic of […]

The only option is the Doona

We can’t afford to spend trillions of dollars on everything that (ought to) scare us. One thing that has perturbed Harrumpf greatly about the present mass neurosis, otherwise known as the Covid crisis, is the extent to which our ability to evaluate hazard has been corrupted by the orgy of performative anxiety in which so […]

Ivermectin debunkers debunked

Dr Campbell on ‘that’ BBC News report. The Covid zombies have been all of a twitter lately, over a couple of BBC News reports. Most recently, the Beeb, which is a close rival to ‘our’ ABC in its fearless reporting of the catastrophist party line on Covid, report a meta-analysis debunking Ivermectin. Ivermectin is the […]

If we can’t trust the AMA, who can we trust?

Dominic Perrottet’s modestly brisk approach to reopening NSW is having a predictably unsettling effect on the usual suspects. As they have throughout the Covid scare, the Mainstream Media have been quick to give prominence to finger-wagging experts who are duly wagging their fingers at the NSW premier, warning that a ‘spike’ in cases ‘might’ follow […]

Putting the Health Fascists back in their box

In my last post, I expressed the hope that our state’s new premier, Dominic Perrotet, having previously held the portfolio of Treasurer, might strike a better balance in the state’s Covid policy between health and economic outcomes, and be less inclined than his predecessor, and certainly than his counterparts in other states, to spend money […]

Stop the Boats

Covid has given the Smuggocracy something new to obsess about. My State of New South Wales staggers tentatively in the direction of liberty, led by a brand new premier, the last one having had a spectacularly unwise ‘front-botty moment’, as an old girlfriend of mine would have called it, with a crooked fellow politician, and […]

Unfair cops

Driving to Alexandria today (exactly 5km, according to my app, so ‘within area’) I was undertaken by a speeding Mercedes GLA which then cut in front of me, crossing a solid white line to do so. Driving to and from the radio station where I work (out of area, but my voice on air, introducing […]

Si Pacem vis, para bellum

If you wish for peace, prepare for war. The Romans knew a thing or two about warfare, and about keeping the peace. After a century in which the two bloodiest wars in human history were fought, we ought to, too, but the response in some quarters to the formation of Aukus suggests that some are […]