Whom do the Sussexes think they are kidding?

And what happens when the magic wears off? The title of this post is not meant to be rhetorical. Look, I haven’t actually watched any of the pabulum produced by the Sussexes under their Netflix deal. There are people who are paid to do that, and who therefore cannot complain about the nausea they experience […]

Laptop Dancing

When Russia invaded Ukraine early this year, I fully expected Joe Biden, the man who, by his abandonment of Afghanistan, executed the most shameful scuttle in American history, to emulate the response of his predecessor Barak Obama, to Russia’s 2014 capture of Crimea – plenty of orotundly-phrased rhetoric, perhaps a bit of limp-wristed, largely cosmetic […]

Vlad’s Army 2

Was it really such a bad idea to deprive Saddam of the power that Putin is now using to threaten us? In Two Cheers for Sir Tony, I revealed myself as a lonely, and rather reluctant champion of Tony Blair’s decision to join ‘Dubya’ in invading Iraq. My argument was (and is) that it didn’t […]

Covid Implosion

John Anderson interviews Dr Jay Bhattacharya & Gigi Foster For anyone who belongs to that fast-dwindling cohort of society who ever thought locking society down, and coercing people to take a ‘vaccine’ ‘to protect society’ was a terrific idea, this conversation between ex-Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson and Dr Jay Bhattacharya (Great Barrington Declaration) and […]

Gender reassignment

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it I’ve just had a gender reassignment. Well, two, actually. It’s been a busy day. I was having my car washed at Market Town, in Leichhardt. I’d neglected to go for a wee before I left home, but I figured, no problem, I’m going to a shopping mall, and […]

Climate of Dissent

I’ve just watched an excellent Uncommon Knowledge interview with the Danish-born statistician Bjorn Lomborg, best-known for his book ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist’. I should declare at this stage that, although I’ve read a great deal else that he’s written, I haven’t actually read TSE. So far as I can tell, then, Lomborg believes both that the […]

Republicans – be careful what you wish for.

I’m a monarchist. I’m not a royalist. Royalists have the sentimental attachment to royalty which republicans insist is all there is to monarchism. Monarchists believe that the British Monarchy is the finest solution that has ever been devised to the problem of how to organise society along Utilitarianist lines, that is, in the interests of […]