The definition of insanity

Is to keep on doing what you’re doing, and expect a different result.

When someone tells you that they are baffled by an adverse turn of events, yet quite certain that the only way to prevent its recurrence is to use more of what didn’t stop it in the first place, you should suspect that they are not playing with a full deck of cards.

Australians are now the subject of state-sanctioned mob rule, in thrall to a clique of health ‘professionals’ who are training us to view our tiny numbers of Covid cases, and the miniscule death toll they have inflicted, as a catastrophe, in the face of which we must surrender our liberty, our wealth and, most sinister of all, our common sense.

Daily, the media announce new outbreaks of Covid, many described as ‘mystery’, because they don’t fit the transmission model hypothesised, and favoured, by the gauleiters advising our weak-kneed politicians. Yet rather than admit what ought to be plainly obvious – that the medical profession simply doesn’t understand viral epidemiology as well as it professes to do, and has no real idea what governs the transmission of this disease – each such announcement is followed by confident assertions that more lockdown is the answer.

The media seem oblivious to the contradiction inherent in this conceited posturing, and our politicians seem either too stupid or too cowardly to stand up to it, put the health fascists back in their box, and tell the electorate the bad news – that we must learn to live with this virus, that it will take its toll in lives, but that that toll will be far less than the one presently being exacted on our society by this futile, ruinous pantomime.

Tom Forrester-Paton

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