Reality Check August 17th 2021

The Sky is still falling in Australia

…could be worse, though.

As I write, Australia has recorded a TOTAL of 14,854 Covid cases since the panic began – a bit over HALF the UK’s new case count yesterday – itself down from 48,500 a month ago, when UK lockdown was rescinded.

Here are the latest figures:

Date: 17/8/21

New cases26628482
New cases per million399.818.7
deaths (7d avg)924
deaths per million1.3810.155

2 thoughts on “Reality Check August 17th 2021

  1. Puts it all into perspective… for those of us living on planet normal, anyway. What I don’t get is how, with hard data in front of them, national “Leaders” still persist in their pursuit of the impossible (ie Zero Covid). They can’t ALL be mad… can they?


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