Belling the Catastrophe

A group of clinicians in Britain has delivered an open letter to the UK government, criticising it in great detail for its Covid policy.

Highlights include:

“…the use of face coverings is highly symbolic and thus counterproductive in making people feel safe. Prolonged wearing risks becoming an ingrained safety behaviour, actually preventing people from getting back to normal because they erroneously attribute their safety to the act of mask wearing rather than to the remote risk, for the vast majority of healthy people under 70 years old, of catching the virus and becoming seriously unwell with COVID.”

“The mutation of any novel virus into newer strains – especially when under selection pressure from abnormal restrictions on mixing and vaccination – is normal, unavoidable and not something to be concerned about.”

“It is well-established that asymptomatic spread has never been a major driver of a respiratory disease pandemic… Never before have we perverted the centuries-old practice of isolating the ill by instead isolating the healthy.”

“…Countries that have removed community restrictions have seen no negative consequences which can be attributed to the easing.”

“…soaring levels of non-COVID infections [are] being seen, which some experts consider to be a result of distancing resulting in deconditioning of the immune system.”

“Throughout the pandemic, decisions seem to have been taken utilising unvalidated models produced by groups who have what can only be described as a woeful track record,”

It would be nice to see a similar group of Australian clinicians emulate their UK colleagues.

Worth reading in full.

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