What’s your poison?

I’ve been watching Dr John Campbell’s videos on Ivermectin and HCQ trials. The Ivermectin study is a meta-analysis, while the HCQ trial is a Belgian study covering a large number of patients drawn from a large number of hospitals. Both studies come to conclusions broadly favourable to these drugs in connection with Covid treatment, vindicating the Covid ‘heretics’ in the medical profession who have promoted them.

The Covid orthodoxy has routinely disparaged them. Campbell points out that both the WHO and Oxford University’s RECOVERY have conducted trials which found that HCQ treatment was not only ineffective in treating Covid, but was positively injurious to patients’ health and prospects.

But Campbell also notes that these trials used dosages of HCQ (a substance known to be toxic in large doses) several times larger than the recommended dose of HCQ, when used for its traditional indications – such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and malaria. Campbell expresses bafflement that two such ‘reputable’ organisations could have behaved in such a reckless, unprofessional way as to endanger the health of patients to whom they owed a duty of care.

Could it just possibly be that these are both drugs which were endorsed by President Donald Trump, and that therefore it became an imperative of the establishment to discredit them, if necessary, by overdosing patients at risk of their lives? Surely not!

The fact that, unlike the darling of the medical establishment, Remdesivir, both these drugs are abundant and cheap, and that their widespread use would bring little profit to Big Pharma, can likewise have had nothing to do with this perverse choice of dosage, can it?

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