The Australian Department of Health would rather see people die of Covid than admit its error.

Another day, another video clip from the excellent Dr John Campbell – this time about the home Covid treatment kits being distributed in India.

India is a source of considerable vexation for the Covid Zombies. The realities of its everyday life have meant that it simply hasn’t been able to achieve the same level of compliance with its lockdown edicts as Australia. Neither has it been able to vaccinate to anything like the same extent – as I write, only 15% of its population is fully jabbed. Furthermore, it was employing for prophylaxis and therapy Hydroxychloroquine, apparently unaware that HCQ had been recommended by Donald Trump, and was therefore bound to be lethal. Worst of all, its case numbers and case fatality rate were unexceptional, and markedly lower than many developed countries imposing draconian lockdown policies on their populations.

Then, courtesy of the Delta Variant which originated within its borders, India suddenly started to behave itself. To the satisfaction of the Covid Zombies, at the end of March its case rate shot up, followed a week later by a sharp rise in deaths. Having studiously ignored India while it seemed to be doing unaccountably well, ‘our’ ABC suddenly began filling our screens with images of gasping patients and cadavers floating in the Ganges. This, it was made clear, was what we had been spared by the wise heads who now rule us; locking us down, shooting us up with Pfizer and Astra Zeneca’s Magic Elixir, and sooling the cops on anyone with the temerity to suggest that it’s all a bit heavy-handed.

Then, in May, most Indian states began using Ivermectin. And, lo and behold, case and mortality numbers around India began to plummet. Take Uttar Pradesh, a state of 200+million people which, as John Campbell points out, has been distributing home treatment kits including a supply of 12mg Ivermectin tablets. As the graph below shows, its daily case numbers have dropped from a high of 33,000 at the beginning of May to a statistically insignificant 15 per day. Lest it should be claimed that untested cases are going uncounted, I’ll add that Covid deaths are running at a 7-day average of zero (22/09/21). Remember, only 15% of these people are fully vaccinated!

New cases per day – Uttar Pradesh

I said ‘most’ Indian states are using Ivermectin, because one, Tamil Nadu, declined to embrace Ivermectin, and stuck to the sort of protocol we are saddled with in Australia. So, how’s that working out? With roughly a third of Uttar Pradesh’s population, Tamil Nadu suffers a daily case rate of nearly 1700 – over 100 times that of Uttar Pradesh. Its death rate is running at 22 per day.

Study after study, trial after trial now indicate the efficacy of Ivermectin in preventing and treating Covid. The evidence in its favour far exceeds that for Remdesivir, which the DoH happily recommends.

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