Covid catastrophism – a reputational Ponzi Scheme.

The health fascists who control us have every reason to perpetuate this absurd scare indefinitely.

The Covid 19 virus has been the occasion for the most spectacular, and the most ruinously expensive instance of mass delusion that the world has ever seen. The controlling elites in most of the world’s nations have persuaded one another that the virus represents a threat severe enough to suspend liberties normally taken for granted, to impose economically ruinous social controls and to connive in the mandating of medical procedures, either in the form of outright compulsion, or as a condition of permitting the limited restoration of liberties which should never have been removed.

In the Anglosphere, we have been transformed from societies in which it was permissible to do that which was not explicitly forbidden, to societies whose members are allowed to do only that which is explicitly permitted.

All this has happened in societies which owe their past prosperity directly to the application of the Scientific Method, a method which has been comprehensively abandoned in the sheer panic with which our elites have been gripped, even as, in their hysteria, they babble about following ‘the science’. Had that panic been resisted, the Scientific Method would have allowed the truth about Covid 19 to be revealed. It was clear very early on, to anyone with eyes to see, that this was a moderately nasty bug, rather more life-threatening than a typical seasonal flu virus, but not of a different order of virulence. Comparisons with the influenza epidemic of 1919 were, it could soon be seen, quite unjustified, and with the bubonic plagues of history utterly fanciful. Because a very large number of people became infected by it without becoming sick enough to seek treatment, or even testing, and thereby becoming ‘cases’. The failure of our health authorities to conduct a program of random testing to obtain some idea of its sero-prevalence, and therefore its Infection Fatality Rate, led to the use of a Case Fatality Rate which vastly inflated perceptions of the virus’ lethality, and which to this day continues to terrify an admittedly terror-prone public.

It was clear very early on that this was a peculiar virus, in that, unlike polio, for instance, it posed practically no risk to children, nor indeed much risk to anybody under 70, except for those with ‘comorbidities’ –, a term which strictly speaking includes the immunocompromised, but is in effect very nearly a euphemism, by now, for obesity.

And yet here we are, nearly two years into this charade, and they’re still at it – the clowns from the ABC breathlessly tracking the progress of Omicron, the spectre of vaccine passports lurking in the mind of our idiotic and spineless politicians.

That such a comparatively innocuous organism should continue to exert such a malign influence takes some explaining. It beggars belief that so many otherwise sane and intelligent people seriously believe that the threat posed by Covid was ever, let alone continues to be, worth the trillions of dollars, and the immense social capital, that have been spent fighting it. So, if they don’t really believe it, what is really going on? I think it’s a sort of Ponzi scheme, but one in which what has been invested, and what is at stake, should the scheme collapse, is not money, but reputation and pride. The ‘early investors’ in Covid catastrophism were notable for their membership of one kind of elite or another. When it became clear in short order that they had backed a three-legged horse, they felt acutely the risk to their reputations, and, by extension, to their pride. As a consequence, they have wilfully ignored the abundant evidence that Covid is not the death-dealing thoroughbred they put their money on, and have connived in a pantomime of coercive measures whose real purpose is not to preserve the health of the public, but to preserve their own, often inflated, sense of self-worth.

The problem, of course, is that the elites can’t afford to back down, because to do so would invite the question, ‘if now, why not back then, before you ruined our world?’ And that’s a question which would bring the whole Ponzi scheme crashing down around their ears.

Key to keeping this reputational scam on the rails is the maintenance of fear – or at least of fearfulness – which is not quite the same thing. So we had the ABC, when it could no longer avoid reporting the existence of large numbers of asymptomatic Covid cases, doing so in ominous tones – a virus that you can catch without ever knowing it – how scary is that!!?

In the normal course of events, a lethal virus evolves by natural selection into a more transmissible, but less virulent organism, whose carriers remain active in the community, spreading the infection and contributing to the success of the virus. This evolutionary process, although it comes at the cost of a small, vulnerable cohort of the population, is otherwise a wholly desirable phenomenon. Not to the Covidista elites. Every new variant is greeted as a fresh and more terrifying threat to the human race. Omicron – omigod – even the usually sensible Dr John Campbell is palpitating over our good fortune that Omicron is turning out to be pretty harmless – blocked nose, headache, scratchy throat, almost no requirement for intensive care – sounds to me remarkably like the common colds we get every year, but we don’t go weak at the knees with gratitude for our good fortune when they do us the favour of not killing us. But of course, we don’t give the innumerable variants of the common cold virus scary names, so of course there’s no reason to be especially afraid of them.

There is no reason to believe that Covid viruses will not, like the cold virus, continue indefinitely to spawn variants, and every reason to believe that, in general, selection will favour greater transmissibility and diminished virulence, but bestowing undiminished immunity upon the recovered. Are the morons who control our daily lives going to continue, indefinitely, to frustrate this process, immiserating and impoverishing our society in the process, simply to protect their cherished egos from the bruising they would receive, were they to recant?

Tom Forrester-Paton

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