The New Covid Deniers

As the Omigod variant continues its march through our populations, ‘vaccinated’ or unvaccinated alike, conferring the blessing of natural immunity upon all but a very unlucky, very few, it’s perhaps time to talk about the Covid deniers. No, I’m not talking about those of us who, from the start, had this ‘pandemic’ pegged as a wet dream for secular middle-class millenarians. I’m not talking of those of us who refused to be cowed by the curtain-twitching doom-sayers with their pathetic obsessions with illogical, catastrophically expensive and socially corrosive restrictions.

I’m talking, rather, about the wave of Covid denial which is about to break as the masses awake from their ‘mass formation’.

My father, who died just soon enough not to be counted – or miscounted – as having ‘died with Covid’, flew as a ‘navigator-radar’ with the RAF’s 100 Group. In February 1945, his Mosquito night-fighter was shot down by return fire from a German night-fighter on which he had just opened fire. His pilot, a burly Boer, was too big to get through the Mosquito’s notoriously small hatch, and perished with his aircraft. Dad parachuted to safety near Berlin. Comparative safety, that is – the RAF were extremely unpopular in Germany at that time, and he was, in his words, ‘roughed up a bit’, before being rescued by some Luftwaffe personnel who took him into captivity. The rapid diminution of the territory remaining under German control meant that he spent short periods in a succession of overcrowded, verminous camps, moving on as approaching Allied armies threatened to overrun each in turn. One of these moves was made on foot, in conditions Dad described – I suspect with understatement – as ‘trying’. He described being guarded by aging volksturmer, who were often barely able to keep up with the prisoners they were guarding. One old boy was apparently so feeble that a prisoner took pity on him and carried his weapon for him.

At one point, Dad and his mate chanced to find two duck eggs – a nutritional bonanza, but one which needed cooking. There was an abundance of nettles, and they decided that a nettle omelette would be the most nutritious use they could make of their find. During a rest break, they approached a local farmer, who duly lent them a frying pan, taking, as security against its return, my father’s pipe. Unlike the civilians in the environs of Berlin who ‘roughed him up’ a few weeks earlier, the farmer was by now the very soul of amiable conciliation. As Dad and his mate handed back his skillet and prepared to resume their march away from the advancing American army, he tugged at Dad’s sleeve, saying ‘Hitler‘ – he mimed a cut-throat – ‘Kaput!’

And so it went, all over Germany. Apart from a few unrepentant fanatics chugging across the Atlantic in commandeered submarines to take refuge in South America, by the time the surrender documents were signed on the Luneburg Heath, there was scarcely a Nazi to be found. Everybody, it seemed, ascribed the empowerment of Hitler, and the utter destruction of Germany that had ensued, to someone else. The hordes who had received him at Nuremburg with rapture had apparently evaporated, leaving a shattered nation, entirely populated by Hitler-deniers.

I can confidently predict a similar trajectory for the Covid faith.

As predicted in these pages, the mildness and impressive transmissibility of the Omigod Covid variant is ravaging the logic of Covid countermeasures, and hitherto faithful adherents to the cult are beginning to allow their averted eyes to fall on the distortions and lies they have been fed for the last two years. They are noticing the difference between the real numbers of deaths from Covid, and the deaths ‘with’ Covid that have captured the headlines. They are daring to look at the real numbers of adverse side-effects from vaccines they were promised by the self-ordained priesthood were vanishingly rare.

As the genuinely terrified emerge from their trance, and register the chasm that lies between the catastrophe they were duped into believing in, and in whose name their liberties have been trampled on and their society spavined, and as the really rather modest threat the Covid virus actually posed becomes retrospectively clearer, they will allow themselves to start asking questions they should have asked in March 2020. And as the faux-terrified (who were responsible for terrifying the genuinely terrified, and revelled in the sense of importance and power it gave them) begin to realise that the jig is up, and that the finger of blame for the immense damage they have caused is beginning to veer towards them, we will see a similar repudiation of everything that has been most dear to the Covidistas – the pointless lockdowns, the fatuous, performative mask-wearing, the compulsory vaccinations.

Soon, it will be as hard to find anyone who owns up to ever supporting them as it was in July 1945 to find anyone in Germany who raised their right arm at Nuremburg.

Tom Forrester-Paton

23 thoughts on “The New Covid Deniers

  1. Can totally see this happen but I’d rather see the mini-tyrants go into denial rather than continue this march into madness.

    Sorry you had to lose your dear father, but, yes, glad he didn’t have to be included in the c0vid crapp0oa.

    Great write-up and many blessings to you and yours!

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  2. Which begs the question – what is one to do as a ‘Covid denier’ from the start , who’s been mocked, belittled and even treated as a dangerous conspiracist by close family ? Extend the hand of forgiveness and understanding and let them get away with the volte face ? Or mercilessly indulge in a 2 year orgy of ‘I told you so’ ?


    1. This question was very much on my mind as I wrote the piece. Leaving aside the strong, but perhaps discreditable appeal of rubbing their noses in it, there is an argument that our society badly needs a dose of moral hazard for getting things so catastrophically wrong – otherwise those Thomas Sowell calls ‘the anointed’ will keep doing it. Ideas, anyone? Personally, I favour a steady diet of ridicule, of the ‘if the cap fits, wear it’ kind.

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      1. That’s exactly what’s been on my mind – generally speaking I err on the side of forgive and forget, especially where family are concerned, but with everything that’s happened since March 2020 it’s starting to feel like it would actually be immoral to just let people get away with ‘memory holing’ the way they’ve acted…

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      1. We let the nazis off really. We got bored with the Nuremburg trials and moved on, leaving millions of nazi criminals to lead very comfortable lives and never paying for their crimes.
        Same will happen, I guess. Hope we keep reminding them, though.

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  3. I’ve always felt that WW2 was a great analogy except we surrendered on day one without a bullet being fired.
    Brave people like your father would be turning in their grave especially had he seen the statistical survival rate from Covid.
    Shame on our leaders and the western world and the sheep who followed.

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  4. Tom – I’m not so sure. This whole fiasco has been a fascinating Petri dish for examining the diseases that afflict societies – e.g. moral panics, mass formation psychosis, mass hysteria, tyflocracy, cargo cults and dynamics, Lysenkoism, captation. I doubt we’ve exhausted the possibilities. It’s comforting to think that we’re approaching the last page of the Lord of The Flies where Ralph looks up to the adult Naval Officer and the savages turn back into little choir boys. But I suspect the cognitive dissonance in the still credulous general public is going to combine with the self preservation of the mendacious racketeers to procure something else entirely, almost certainly an exercise in denial. And, possibly, revenge.

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  5. I’d like to believe this. But at the same time as Johnson is removing restrictions here, in Quebec, for example, they are imposing fines upon the unvaccinated; in the USA some majority of Democrats want the unvaccinated incarcerated; and in Greece fines are already imposed upon the unjabbed over 60s. It seems that Covid-fascism is still alive and well in many parts of the world, and that certain elements are seeking various kinds of “final solution” for those who take their physical autonomy seriously.


  6. On the rare occasions when I get something right my wife can be relied upon to pull the rug from under my feet. She’ll tell me to stop being a sanctimonious bastard.
    On this subject – and thankfully the wife agrees – I’m going to be one proud sanctimonious bastard.

    Only problem is, I’ve got no friends or acquaintances left to be sanctimonious to. The radicals, the sceptics, the anti-establishment crew, all went down with the good ship Covid 19. The survivors, if thus we can be called, are those who didn’t get on board.

    We pointed out the ship was full of holes. But nobody listened. We told them there was no weight in the anchor. Nobody listened. We questioned the ships navigation system. And still, nobody listened.

    The ship of course sailed under a flag of convenience. It’s destination under WHO guidance was anywhere and everywhere. On landing, it’s main aim was to root out the insurgents and take no prisoners. Those few who escaped the mass vaccination pogrom were hounded and hunted down.

    In this war the resistance movement won’t be feted. Nor will the victors.
    But when the ship comes in, I’m going to be standing on the shore line waving my sanctimonious flag. For once, I don’t envisage the rug being pulled from under my feet.

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  7. You people are ridiculous. First it was Covid is the flu. Then it was a plot created by China to harm your beloved President. Then it was masks don’t work. Then it was every death gets counted as Covid. Then when excess deaths showed this wasn’t true, then you started spreading old outdated numbers from the CDC. Then those numbers were fake. Then it was vaccines don’t work. And now, after the latest variant has proven to be milder (and yet so clearly more transmissible…and hence still an issue for the health care system) you are somehow claiming victory? You people would rather convince people to believe your lies…That you know are untrue…then just admit you were wrong. That’s scary. That’s sad. No need to worry about how you are going to handle, strutting around claiming you were right all along. Anyone that you’ve ever cared about has long lost respect for you by now.


    1. So would it be fair to summarise your position as being that the impulse to think critically for oneself about the behaviour of governments and corporations during this pandemic is an act of ridiculous immorality ?


    2. Forget all this nonsense, it can never be proven, it is all opinion. Go the the root. Pfizer’s website confirms these are no vaccines in the generally accepted sense. They admit that they are: experimental, partly tested, genentically engineered therapies using new mRNA technology which has never been used before on humans. Any rational observer would say that this is a clinical trial confirmed by Pfizer admitting that it will not be concluded until 2023. Further, the only way these things can be described as ‘vaccines’ is when the CDC edited the long-standing definition – twice – to fit the new circumstances.

      Therefore, in such circumstances, informed consent is required. And we would expect Pfizer et al to accept full responsibility for adverse reactions but they were indemnified by governments instead. Thus we were bombarded with mass propaganda demanding (by mandate on occasion) an almost manic desire to see every last one of us jabbed. ‘Methinks they doth protest too much’ and as it has turned out, this appears to be the case.

      My son mused that if he had been offered a new car, using unproven technology, with no warrantee from a purveyor with a proven track record of fraudulent dealing – would he buy it? And if, by some chance, a hopelessly addicted, blind gambler purchases it with gay abandon; when the subsequent and inevitable breakdown occurs, would he buy another?

      I have no intention of compromising my God-given and miraculous natural immune system with a medical therapy that interferes with the very essence of God’s work. If nothing else, the arrogance of the developers is beyond understanding. Hindsight is a wonderful disinfectant for an artifically constructed misconception to put it mildly. In the final analysis my route to the truth has never been faulted when I follow the money trail.

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      1. Please reconsider your position and we’ll talk.

        At Murderna, we’re proud of our guinea pigs:

        At Schizer, we care about your kids too:

        Don’t forget about your quarterly jab subscriptions to protect yourself from catching the upcoming iDelta variant (We apologize for running out of the alphabet letters for the new variants).

        We care,
        CEOs of Murderna and Schizer

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    3. Dear Christopher Bloken

      Covid 19 is the ‘flu, and vaccines cause additional problems, if indeed there is anything in them at all as some people do like to sell nothing for something.

      Omicron is an anagram of moronic which refers to those who believe MSM’s advertising that Covid 19 is a ‘monster’ and will kill us all.

      Excess deaths occurred for various reasons including locking down care homes and not caring for the elderly properly.

      Masks are good for keeping out sand and dust and perhaps diesel fumes, but not the ‘flu which is the internal toxicosis of the body. This is not rocket science but common sense which far too many abandoned in 2020.

      Including you it appears. Unless you are paid to say stupid things. Perhaps you could let us know.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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