Or ‘treatments’ of dubious efficacy, cooked up in undue haste, and given a leave pass by panic-struck regulators?

It has always seemed to me a bit dodgy that the purveyors of the so-called vaccines that have been foisted upon us were allowed to enter use in double-quick time, breaching time-honoured protocols for preclinical safety testing. I have also made the point that something you have to keep taking at ever-decreasing intervals doesn’t deserve to be called a ‘vaccine’, and is at best a ‘treatment’. Meanwhile, any drug which has shown the slightest promise as an antiviral therapy has been subjected to superogatory scrutiny, even when, in the case, for example, of ivermectin, it has been in widespread use for other purposes, and known to be safe.

I have been double-jabbed myself, really as a means of getting that green thing in my iPhone that the medico-fascist establishment has determined is necessary for you to do practically anything these days. But when it came to getting a booster, just as Omicron was proving itself to be ‘nature’s vaccine’, I decided enough was enough.

As the Daily Sceptic reveals, in a piece by Dr John Flack, formerly Director of Safety Evaluation of Beecham Pharmaceuticals, it turns out that I am in better company than I could have hoped – or feared. Among Dr Flack’s more worrying observations, he writes:

The side-effect reporting systems in the USA and U.K. show unequivocally that these “vaccines” are an order of magnitude greater of adverse effects than conventional vaccines. Qualitatively the side effect profile is consistent with what we might expect from our knowledge of the biological (pharmacology and toxicology) properties of the spike protein. To claim that the side effects are rare and mild is highly misleading.”

I urge Harrumpfers to read the whole thing.

Tom Forrester-Paton

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