War notes 2

Wir Schaffen das nicht

The war in Ukraine is debunking a lot of the West’s most cherished nonsense. Net Zero is fading like Alice’s Cheshire cat, leaving just a smug, bien pensant smirk behind it. In time, one hopes, the demonisation of coal and oil that begat it will follow it into oblivion, as people rediscover the convenience, and note the absence of an apocalypse, that their use brings.

The smug assumption that, au fond, societies such as China and Russia just want what we in the West want, and, given the opportunity and the incentive of trade and prosperity, will naturally embrace the values of the enlightened West, is fast receding in the rear-view mirror.

Another bit of nonsense cherished by the smuggocracy is the perverse notion that anyone living in one of the world’s innumerable shitholes has an unchallengeable right to the status of ‘refugee’, and to claim ‘asylum’ – by which he means permanent residence – in the non-shithole of his choice, often passing through numerous safe, but less desirable non-shitholes en route. As I have observed before,  The UN convention on Refugees was created in 1951 not to offer a better life to anyone who could afford the people-smugglers’ fare to get them to whichever Western paradise most took their fancy. Rather, it was intended to provide temporary protection, in the nearest place of safety, for a war widow pushing a pram bearing her remaining belongings, with a couple of toddlers at her feet.

Courtesy of Vladimir Putin, such war widows – either temporary, as their husbands stay and fight at home or, sadly, permanently – are once again a visible presence in the West. They are finding refuge in the nearest safe territory, which is more often than not Poland, until recently excoriated by the EU smuggocracy for its politically incorrect government. The overwhelming majority have no wish to settle in Poland, but want to get back home as soon as it’s safe to do so. They are, in short, genuine refugees of the sort for whom the UNHCR was created, and their example, tragic though its cause may be, ought to be a rebuke to the smuggocrats. Let’s hope that wir schaffen das is another cherished bit of nonsense of which we have seen the last.

Tom Forrester-Paton

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