John Anderson interviews Jonathan Sumption

John Anderson’s podcasts are always good value, and his interview with the distinguished British jurist Jonathan Sumption is no exception. Pity, then that Sumption should turn out to be a subscriber to the cult of anthropogenic global warming, describing it as a problem that needs supranational action. I sent Anderson the following:

Tom Forrester-Paton

Dear John,

I watched your conversation with Jonathan Sumption with the pleasure I find in all your podcasts. He  made the excellent point that, as citizens, it ought to be incumbent upon us to learn at least something of history, and that failure to do so increases the likelihood that we will mishandle the present. Important though a grasp of history is to responsible citizenship, it is surely no less important to acquire a similar grasp of science – and in particular, of the Scientific Method, with its requirement to formulate testable hypotheses, design experiments to test them, and reject them if the results of the experiment are not what the hypothesis predicts.

How sad it was, then, to see a man of Sumption’s profound forensic abilities describe climate change as a complex problem, requiring supranational remedies. Nobody with even a cursory familiarity with this methodology could conclude that we have anything to fear from man-made emissions of CO2 – certainly not with the degree of certainty necessary to justify impoverishing our society in the way demanded by the cimatariat.

Despite China and India continuing to pump CO2 into the atmosphere in undiminished quantities, the global temperature trajectory remains stubbornly indistinguishable from that of a planet emerging, with what ought to be gratitude, from the Little Ice Age. Sea levels have not risen alarmingly. Pacific islands are growing, not diminishing in size. NASA’s satellites, photographing the earth, count ever-increasing numbers of green pixels, as the deserts bloom (increase the available plant food, and you get more plant life – who’da thunk it?)

If every prediction made by an alarmist, going back thirty years or more, had been treated, as it ought to have been, as a test of his hypothesis, that hypothesis would have been rejected decades ago, and we would not now be shivering, while unscrupulous carpetbaggers touting ‘renewables’ trouser our hard-earned cash.

I get the sense, when I see you touch on the subject of climate, that you share at least some of my misgivings. With Vladimir Putin clearly bent on extracting the maximum geopolitical reward from our feckless gullibility, and Xi playing Hitler to his Mussolini, the joke is well and truly over. I do hope you can find some interviewees with whom to give the climate scare a thorough, and much overdue interrogation.


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