Are we lockdown sceptics allowed to say ‘I told you so’ yet? (2)

Those of us who, at the outset of the Covid 19 epidemic, were sceptical of the pronouncements of the ‘experts’ had so many reasons for our doubts that it is difficult to keep track of them as, one by one, they are vindicated.

We doubted the severity of the disease. Even as it was known that significant numbers of people could experience Covid 19 infection asymptomatically, and that therefore the denominator necessary to calculate the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) could not reliably be estimated, but was undoubtedly greater than the number of reported cases, the ‘experts’ were confidently attributing to Covid 19 a CFR sufficiently scary to justify their preferred, sociopathic response.

It’s now beyond dispute that the average age of those who have died from Covid is little different from the average age of death from all causes. The data show that the Case Fatality Rate among children is infinitesimally small, and that it doesn’t rise to anything you could argue was ‘unprecedented’, or ‘once-in-a-century’ until late middle, and old age, cohorts which could have been protected with little or no impact on productivity.

We doubted the claim that the hastily-concocted ‘vaccines’ were ‘safe and effective’. Evidence grows daily that not only do the MRNA vaccines not prevent transmission (the basis of the ‘granny-killer’ accusations levelled against those who declined to receive them), or provide lasting protection against severe illness, but their adverse side-effects, including fatal cardio-vascular events, are far more prevalent than their proponents have been willing to admit; that such effects are most prevalent among those in early to middle life, and thus that for all but those severely at risk from Covid – the very old, the morbidly obese or otherwise compromised – the risk of vaccination outweighs its benefits.

We doubted the wisdom of one-size-fits-all non-pharmaceutical measures applied to entire populations, the great majority of whose members were not at significant risk from Covid infection. To us, the fact, known very early in the epidemic, that children were at almost zero risk of dying from Covid suggested that it should be allowed to circulate freely among them, thus exploiting and expediting the known propensity of viruses for mutation into more infectious but less lethal variants, and conferring an increasing incidence of natural and robust immunity upon the population in general. This view has been recently vindicated by a study, reported by Dr John Campbell, and conducted in Italy (where it’s apparently still legal to conduct research that might confound Covid orthodoxy – whatever next?). Like all Dr Campbell’s clips, it’s well worth the watch, and it reveals that the passage of time has, indeed, seen the emergence of more contagious but less injurious strains of the virus, but that process has been impeded, and the social and economic disruption we have inflicted upon ourselves prolonged, by lockdown measures.

The excuses for setting about the destruction of our societies in early 2022 will no doubt continue to be falsified, but Harrumpfers should resist the temptation to cheer. The fact that those who believed all the nonsense that gave rise to lockdown greatly outnumber us will mean that the Silly Billy Effect will ensure that the ABC, the Parliament (most of it) and all those ‘experts’ who turned out to know bugger-all when it really mattered never have to admit their error.

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