Still think we MRNA sceptics are just a bunch of foil-hat anti-vaxers?

The history of Covid 19 is a tale of experts who turned out to be ignorant, lording it over lay folk who believed that ‘Covid policy’ was a hysterical, eye-wateringly expensive overreaction that defied common sense.

I was always sceptical of the claims of the MRNA vaccine makers that their product was ‘safe and effective’. I’m certainly not an immunologist, but common sense suggested there’s a reason why therapies take years, not weeks, to develop and test, and that Covid was nowhere near lethal enough to justify cutting corners.

When it became clear that whatever protection the vaccines did offer waned at an astonishing rate, and did not, in any case, include stopping you getting the disease, my scepticism deepened. I had had the first two jabs because the Covidiots who were in charge, egged on by a credulous majority of the population, made life practically unliveable for anyone who refused them. I wanted to resume singing in my choir, work at my radio station, and travel to New Zealand, all of which required me to be ‘double-jabbed’. I swallowed my misgivings and submitted to the Orwellian diktat. My ‘Covid passport’ obtained, I decided enough was enough, and have declined any ‘boosters’.

It turns out that my scepticism was far more justified than I could have suspected or feared. Notwithstanding the steadfast unwillingness of the Covidista to confront the issue, evidence of widespread vaccine injury proliferates. This video, however, an interview by the tireless podcaster Dr John Campbell with Prof Robert Clancy, a retired immunologist who specialised in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the first time I have seen a chapter and verse account of why these treatments (they are not, of course, true vaccines at all) are such a terrible idea. Most disturbingly, Clancy details how having a succession of boosters may progressively degrade our immune systems.

Before you have another jab, see the video – and send this to anyone you think might be tempted to subject themselves to any more of this reckless treatment!

Campbell, incidentally, used to be a vaccine supporter, but unlike the Covidista, he is a man both of science and principle, and now believes the programs should be halted.

Tom Forrester-Paton

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